Title:  A Path of Life

Author:   k.r.23
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Road, Path, Spines, Vines, He

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Beyond the rush of crowded towns
Unfolds a lengthy road
A single line jots down the spine
Where few men ever strode

He treads the line amid the spines
Amid the thorns along the way
Yet past the vines there dwells a sign beneath the lively clay

“Relief”, he cries, and anguish hoists
Up to the darkened blue
His battered pride with life collides, his peaceful self is due

“I must endure, He helps me so. I must avoid detours!”

He thrusts against the deadly vines
He spots a piercing beam
Of radiant glow, and hope bestows upon his self esteem

He leaps above a final vine
His breath so swiftly paced
And through the light his vaulting might shoots through the empty space

A soothing scent engulfs his soul atop the lively clay
And past the time of such a prime awaits another day

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