Title:  The Way of Life

Author:   k.r.23
Category:   Life
Keywords:  God

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I wept of pain, yet more than pain
That I could not command

Mid waves of seas I sought to drain
And conquer my demands

What sharpened tongues which spoke of we
How far was fine to find
For ruthless fists were hard to flee
For people of our kind

When nothing else was left to lose
We lost the love of all
We sought to mask our deepest bruise
And veil an empty soul

In lifeless homes amid our pains
Survived but soulless sighs
Mid waves of seas I sought to drown
Our anguish-clustered cries

Yet soundless hopes of sudden life
Embraced the battered we
They key was not to drown of pain
In life there dwelled the key

To you, our God, we owe our love
By you, our love, the truth we see

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