Title:  New Day, First Cast

Author:   technovative
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Searching, Fishing, Catfishing, Relationships, Love

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I’ve arrived at the pond
Put my best bait on my hook
I’m patiently waiting
Will that fish take a look
So many lines in the water
It’s worthy of mention
A daunting task it seems
Fish too charmed to pay attention
Mine simple, hand made
Theirs a fine store bought lure
Scheming anglers they be
My intentions, they’re pure
Always wary not to catch
Catfish, they have stingers
Scheming anglers, no need
No more room on their stringers

Setting sun on the horizon
As I’m packing my tackle
Silly laugh of, oh well
Scheming anglers, they cackle
They think they are champions
To them, this is a game
Lesser creatures they’ve conquered
New possessions to tame
Make their way to their castles
Their spoils in tow
They believe they are masters
How little they know
Their elation is soaring
As they feel the sting
Catfish are chameleons
Much pain they can bring
You see they have been snookered
Despite their fancy tools
Though they may be clever
Scheming anglers are fools

Another sunrise I bask in
With the new days first cast
Resolute, hopeful, heart clean
I press on, this pond, it is vast

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