Title:  the lady dressed in black

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  lady ice desires why

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the lady dressed in black
lives in her world of ice
she hopes to let her desires run free
trying to turn her back
and hoping to erase
her memories of too many empty days
she paid the price
for choices not made
when nothing was the same
for her it was only a game
a way to survive her daily chase
hiding under the sad shades of a black disguise
and a cold blanket of hollow smiles
glittering make-up to pretend
running towards an early end
too scared to ask why
until she walked around
with a child on her left and right
and faced the silence of the night
where shattered words sound
a wake up call for the lady dressed in black
to leave her world of ice
and let her deepest desires run free
on an alternate track
closer to what she was afraid to see

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