Title:  Missing L*nk

Author:   technovative
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Togetherness, Connection

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You’ll note in the title there’s a character absent
Its place is held by a superscript asterisk
Was this done with purpose you may wonder?
A keystroke error… ya know a little blunder?
Or perhaps it be an intentional omission?
A sneaky tactic to get your attention?
Before finger on mouse you start slammin’
A moment of your time please, let us examine
The vowel options, there are possibly two
One is i… but lets start with u
Bump the ‘isk insert u we have Missing Lunk
Unattached from a head this we can debunk
Swap the u with i we have Missing Link
Makes a little more sense… don’t ya think?
So the absent character is i… I mean you?
Scratching your head?
Yeah me too!
No worries though, no need to rack our brains
It’s quite simple really, think of us as a chain
What I’m telling you friend is we’re connected
When a choice is made the whole chain is affected
Without this attachment we’d surely go extinct
Let not You or I be the Missing Link

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