Title:  my world is a moving stage

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  moving change pace

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my world is a moving stage
where each turn of a page
tattoos my pantomime face
I constantly change my pace
and I sleep on the dirty riverside
in search of a place to hide
I am carried away by a crimson outside
and feel the breath of my travelling soul
I look through my fogged window
and see a glimpse of a smiling widow
hoping for someone to follow
I wonder how to reach the horizon
of my daily journey through time
perhaps I am mentally insane
but I am always welcome
beyond the grey colors of sorrow
in a place where the dawn creeps up the green hill
to come home each night
after being troubled by hazy visions
and pointless submissions
but, on the edge of my dancing shadow
I cherish my search for my final crest
for a place to rest and say goodbye
to you who enjoyed my absurd show
and invite me for an encore to re-try

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