Title:  The Beginning

Author:   bdif2
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  lonely, confused, God

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As Ann looks at her world, she sees darkness with little light. Her fears pick up speed as she moves forward in life and it scares her to see what she sees. She has been in therapy and some things have come to light. As she closes her eyes she imagines herself looking over a big mountain that she has climbed over the years to see what her life looks like now that she knows the truth. Her vision to the left side of the horizon sees darkness more than light and light more than happiness. Lies fill the sky that either she has put there or others have told her. Fakery is at its finest so no one can see her pain. She now sees things changing. Changing toward solitude and isolation. Her world in this horizon is a cloud of misfortune, unrest and confusion. Ann shivers as she sees opportunity shattered by fear, loneliness defeating peace and isolation conquering the world.

When she looks to the right of the horizon, she visions a world of possibilities with Christ at the forefront. She has the opportunity to show her love and devotion though sacrifice and submission. There is peacefulness conquering the darkness and a light that shines like it was the only bulb in the world. Meaning is here, life is here, moments are here and opportunities are relentless. There is no loneliness, there are no questions, and there is no sadness.

Who will win this war? Which horizon will dominate? Which one will be the hill that she chooses? What hill will be chosen for her? Where is Ann’s Amor? Where is her fight? Where is her resilience?

Lonely, desperate, and isolated, vs. chosen, opportunity and peace. Who will win?


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