Title:  Judgement

Author:   A.E.G.
Category:   Pain
Keywords:  distant, judge, alone, hurt

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I could feel it seeping from the words
I could feel it burn my skin
I wanted to send fire through my eyes
But all that came was tears
I wanted to hurt her
But all I did was slowly break inside
I tried to remember the kind words people had used to describe me
But they felt so distant
I couldn't reach them
I was left alone with the words she said
The categories she put me in
She called me things I said I wasn't and wouldn't be
It hurts me so deeply
She has no idea what she's done
I want to die
It hurts so much
I can feel my heart chipping
Piercing through my veins behind my ribs
I feel dirty
I feel disgusting
I feel alone
It's killing me
And the cause doesn't even have a clue

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