Title:  rain

Author:   A.E.G.
Category:   Nature
Keywords:  rain, hope, sins, smile, shield, love, tears, lovely

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Rain, oh it gives me hope! It washes away sorrow, it brings the smile, it embraces you, it shows the hope of tomorrow, it brings joy alive, it longs to be danced in, it calms the soul and brightens the heart, oh rain gives me hope! When it's light it kisses your face, when it's heavy it covers all your sins, when it comes it takes pain away, when it leaves it leaves joy. Some may try to shield you from it, but they haven't danced in the rain and meant it, they haven't felt the lovely kisses the rain gives, they haven't felt it wipe away their tears and cover their sins, or if they have they no longer believe in the rain, they only see it as cold and wet and messes up their hair and so they say it helps the flowers grow to make it okay, but it's not just okay, it's amazing, it's pure and lovely and kind and doesn't judge and doesn't pick and choose who gets to enjoy it's love, it lets them choose

Comments on "rain"
Posted by A.E.G. on October 14, 2017
Thank you so much, Kornelia. It has been quite awhile since I've been on this website and quite a bit since you commented, but I deeply appreciated it. I took the liberty to read two of your poems and I loved Book Skin. It seems somewhat abstract to me, but I could feel the powerful emotions in it. It is a very beautiful poem and I greatly enjoyed reading it.

Posted by kornelia on May 30, 2017
This is a very enjoyable piece of writing, The rain has so many different ways and the sound of it can be of comfort at times. Rain is quite a special thing in my view, I have often wondered how it travels the atmospheres.