Title:  spirits in the sky

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  spirits life sky

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spirits in the sky
wandering around in the purple light
afraid and blinded by the night
a human’s life revisited
endless interactions transmitted
kiss the countless admitted
hypothised by the miracles of time
appearing without introduction
on a painted face full of fright
ready to conquer the burdens outside
in the midst of a mortal fight
to leave behind the holes that gave shelter
guided by muted voices in the sky
now, it is up to so much more
an experience beyond time
on the dark side side of the sun
listening to the song of a farewell call
to what has been so many years
a withered green garden
symbolizes what is left behind
a cross of glittering tears
carried by all those sleeping
and the soul of a restless mind
of spirits in the sky
forever goodbye

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