Title:  The lost man

Author:   tdowns23
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Poor funny bad sad help man money school life job

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There was once a man who was a liar.
So much it caught his pants of fire.

And whenever someone would ask him something.
He would always reply with absolutely nothing.

When he was just a kid he went to school.
And every year he was still a fool.

But he could never pass.
Not even in the easiest class.

So now he can't have a job.
Because he was to much of a slob.

And Since he has no money.
He has nothing in his tummy.

They said he has to pay for his bills.
Or else he will be living on the hills.

And the cops said the man committed a crime.
Since he couldn't pay one single dime.

So then the man went to jail.
But he couldn't even bail.

Never stop working, because you must accomplish work to maintain your life- Trevor Downs

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