Title:  Sex Appeal to Kill

Author:   lavender_gymnast
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  her,sex appeal,kill

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She’s beautiful on the outside. You know at first glance she’s one that will never be unsatisfying.

You can see it in her eyes as she walks by she’s not happy. Not at all. Fuck with her and she will not hesitate to kill you.

You get close anyway because she’s so attractive you can’t resist. Her presence makes everyone stop in their foot steps. Everyone.

She’s dressed in black leather, “SLUT!” someone yells at her. Her immediate response:

"Oh you think I’m a slut? Let me show you what I can do." The person who yelled the insult suddenly has a lipstick stain on their forehead and blood running down their eyes as tears.

"You don’t know my name now do you but now you’ll damn sure remember my face."

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