Title:  through the eyes of a fortune teller

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  ghost enchanted spooky

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a ghost dances in the eyes of a fortune-teller
struggling on a desperate flight
moving pictures in a candlelit night
fascinated by the story of a bestseller
a naked soul walking on water
crystal truth flickers in a world beyond reason
where faith is a curse for later
the mystery of a veiled black hairy demon
back from the grave
a harvest of unfamiliar scenes under a red horizon of fear
speak the voices of the immortal brave
shed no remorseful tear
condemned to an emotional prison
trying to escape in a moment of caresses
the dark depth of the eyes of a gypsy princess
reveal a flying carpet of countless tender kisses
the echoes of rattling broken chains
disturb the purity of unspoiled lust
a sudden indiscretion remains
the smiles on the face of shadows adjust
in the eyes of the fortune-teller
running away from an unquiet sky
and free the beauty of ever after
wrapped in a haze of disbelieve
dressed to share the distance received
through the eyes of a fortune-teller
and feed the many hungry minds waiting
night after night
in an enchanted and spooky light

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