Title:  Dance of Creation

Author:   WorldsOfComfort
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Dance of Creation Masculine and Feminine Womb

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The semen of the sun hearing the call of the womb,
journeying into her sacred temple
as a spark of new life is created.
Forming and emerging,
through the alchemical dance of masculine and feminine,
the heart and the mind, the light and the dark.

For the soul,
sweet lullabies the great mother sings,
whispering to the heart of spirit,
in the cradle of her nurturing love.

'your heart is the purest of diamonds
and your light is brighter than a thousand sunrises,
remember this wisdom when faced by the dark,
and know that it is through the sacred womb and heart of me,
within you that you hold the greatest of power.'

- Sara Isabelle Marie, at Facebook page: Worlds of Comfort

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