Title:  Great Mother

Author:   WorldsOfComfort
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Great Cosmic Mother Seek out Heart Thoughts Actions

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In silence, seek the love of mother,
the beating heart of all.
In stillness,
seek the comfort of mother,
to dry your sorrowed tears,
with the gentle stroke of her hand.

Within your heart,
seek of her forgiveness, the weapon of love,
to forgive onto all of those whom I thought have hurt me.

Within your words,
seek of her compassion, to see 'the one' in all,
to not use the sword of the ego with the spoken word.

Within my thought,
seek the light of her spirit,
to not plant the seed of judgement nor hatred,
upon my earthly brothers and sisters.

Within my actions,
seek out the guidance of her heart,
to not move forward out of fright, for there is nothing to fear.

The power of my light, stronger than any shadow,
for all that you ever seek, you shall look within to find.

- Sara Isabelle Marie, at Facebook page: Worlds of Comfort

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