Title:  I know a bully

Author:   thepoet353897
Category:   Society
Keywords:  Bullying

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I know a bully
He’s beaten and kicked
And when he tells others
He’s hit with a stick

I know a bully
He’s sad and alone
It gets even worse
When he goes home

I know a bully
He’s locked up at night
He cannot sleep
As he’s filled with fright

I know a bully
He never gets fed
He hates what he’s done
Hates what he’s said

I know a bully
He has no friends
He wants to escape
But he’s going round the bend

I know a bully
He’s filled with red mist
He makes fun of my glasses
And of my lisp

I knew a bully
He wasn’t that bad
It was because of his life
He made people sad

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