Title:  pale face

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  face confused reflection

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a pale face in the cold morning
pining for a rising sun
stuck in a grey world awakening
a pale face doesn’t know how
to choose left or right
confused by an answer asking why
chances fade without a try
a light signals from a distance
for so many years
eager to meet with a pale face of sobriety
a moment to simplify a complex world of reluctance
and all those distorted feelings
hiding in the heated discussions of meaningless meetings
sitting in the shadow of a cold eyed limelight
waiting for the right moment to look up
from a brown - veined tea cup
searching for sanity in a cursed melody
the ouverture of another cold morning
with nothing to expect from hesitating
to begin another daily journey towards a pale moon
and the unknown of being out of tune
to distrust the reflection of a pale face
in a liquid mirror of quick sand
safed by a helping hand
coming out of nowhere
from another pale face in the cold morning
to conquer an imaginary haunting
and trust the danger to share
a pale face in the .................................

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