Title:  At the end of the day

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Dreams
Keywords:  day behind shining

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at the end of the day
life was just starting
a walk on a deserted highway
playing children laughing
gone with the wind
the high seas sleeping
a cheap trick of the mind
dying days gather around
leaving a numb legacy behind
overtaken by a monotonous sound
coming from a dreaming heart
unable to take part
step by step
stone on stone
reveal the key of tomorrow shining in a trap
far away from a safe home
rolling down from a bare mountain
into the valley of silence
isolated from cheerful esssence
always the wrong time to go
one breath away from an illuminating intervention
of a breath-taking landscape of inspiration
born in the arms of a late summer
left behind on a deserted highway
at the end of the day

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