Title:  Can Beauty be Ugly

Author:   evemetalchick
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Beauty,Ugly

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Can beauty detect one's actual self?
Or can it be a disguise from the world?

Beauty can be in a physical form
whenever if it's in a flawless face or the perfect figure
But under the beauty of a person may lay an ugly beast
Lots of men and women make the mistake of loving the beautiful beast
And those are usually the victims of bitter despair
Then the ones with internal beauty may be the ones that are the least attractive
Many of those with internal beauty may be those bullied by family or those in school
Internal beauty can be as bittersweet as those with beauty in the physical form
No one wins the battle and all may by hurting from reality
I face the bittersweet battle of internal beauty
Do you have beauty?
Or will you hide it forever?

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