Title:  It A Broken World

Author:   Ehrlinger
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Broken Word: Tells about all the stuff we face!

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There’s a place I’ve heard of,
However, it’s not on earth.
This place is a mystery, but it’s said to be joyful.
This land that’s beyond our earthly knowing,
Is better that anything we desire.

We life a broken world.
People kill the innocent, leaving pools of blood.
Disease blankets over poverty, killing with no stop or mercy.
Divorce shatters heart into small pieces, too small for the eye to see.
It’s fair to say; we live in a broken world.

Wars go on forever, seems like they’ll never end.
Kids left alone cause their parents were killed at war.
Sin races through us all, speaking sleigh and hateful words.
No Samaritans seem to come, people are left to survive on their own.
It’s a true statement; we live in a broken world.

There’s only one thing I can do.
I pray for God’s grace upon this broken world.
I ask for his forgiveness, on behalf of this broken world.
I try my best to make a difference.
One day I’ll be beyond this earth, away from this broken world.

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