Title:  close to my heart

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  twilight east sweet

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far away in the east
the dream of a misty twilight
is lurking at me
I am brave insight
but maybe I am wrong
who do you take me for?
hidden behind a closed door
I am wearing the fragrance
of a summers day in July
speak to me with silence
the voice of a waterfall
makes me envy
Am I an echoe of a distant call?
lifeless beneath the stormy waves
able to revive the sense of not just another day
emerging form the taste of sweet red grapes
that mesmerizes me with an angel face
am I no longer a ghost at a shabby party
but an image of a perfect smile?
a wish of many
stuck in a circle of humdrum
hope to wake up under an unquiet sky
and look in the eye
of a beauty of the east
and sip from the grace
of a paradise in a solitary place
close to my heart
to make me take part
far away in the east
to become more than a dream in a misty twilight
more than a shadow in a pale white light

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