Title:  Better Than A Father

Author:   Ehrlinger
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:   Father

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Some of us are born to mothers and fathers.
Some of us are unfortunate in that way.
Fathers are the head of the house hold.
Some fathers can mess up and get in trouble.
But I know a man whose better than a father.

Fathers can leave their wife and kids behind.
Or maybe they work too much to see their kids grow.
There’s a man I know whose there from start to finish.
He’ll never leave or forsaken you.
He’s better than a father.

My father is the king of kings.
He’s the spirit that lives within my heart.
He raises me up with the highest honor.
He wants to be my friend forever.
He’s better than a father.

He has unconditional love for me.
I mess up and he forgives me.
I know I can come to him at any time.
For he’s my father, friend, and Guidance.
He’s my father, yet better than a father.

Comments on "Better Than A Father"
Posted by mherrmann14 on March 05, 2012
I really like this one. Beautiful.

Posted by Ehrlinger on March 05, 2012
I hope you like it! Feel free to comment!!