Title:  Masks

Author:   lavender_gymnast
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  ballad, masks

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“Why do you wear a mask on your face?”
he had asked me one day.
“I don’t.” I replied using much grace
it was all I could say.

That question has always left a trace
of that one simple place,
we lived together in month of may
when he died in dismay.

That moment I was a mental case
crashes,clips,clings and grey,
were all I could see in his null space
pain, distrain, ache he lay.

BANG!!BANG!! The gun shot made my heart race
who fired it?! My face,
Looking down, my hands were like thick clay
his blood, I had betrayed.

What have I done?! What have I displaced
it was me, a bouquet
I placed on his body not a vase
a mask, I don’t embrace.

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Posted by jmang33 on June 01, 2015
love this