Title:  there and back

Author:   jmang33
Category:   Love
Keywords:  dark

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solemn eyes i see you there
silky thighs you let them bare
only lies lacey affair
in my hell, in your head

sheets for two, we lay undressed
but only one heart pumping red
mask is on, yet unaware
I look right through I couldn’t care

I’m not there

night to night breast to breast
in too deep eternal snare
lust at first markets flesh
gruesome love, wasted breath

love it swells, i feel nothing
is she the same, i cannot see
another soul all tainted black
I guess I’ll go, please don’t look back

don’t look back

Comments on "there and back"
Posted by RianPitan on June 06, 2015
A very interesting poem. I like it. Thank for sharing!