Title:  where do feelings go?

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  feelings beauty universe

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feelings asking
what ever happened
to passion spent
amorous eyes doubting
feelings too deaf to listen to the voice of warm hearted reason
moving faster than before
to a place where caresses long for more
where the scent of emotion grows richer
inside it feels like a supernatural colored prison
where the echo of beauty runs deeper
a place where feelings wash ashore
waiting for the unexpected
to taste the body of the unaware
and share the pleasure of the unexplained
betrayed by the attempts rejected
all those many years entwined in tender motions
without a touch of love in all those tears
hoping to return in silence
like a phantom in the night
waiting in the shadow of a palm tree
growing pale in the rising moonlight
a relic of the presence
of a world left behind
where kisses have no name
captured in a trick of light
revealing what seems not to be
screaming without pain
wandering through what is left behind
deserted feelings gripped in fright
when coming closer to the universe
where feelings .....................

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