Title:  Peace Sells... Doesn`t it?

Author:   Peace Sells
Category:   Society
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Peace Sells
Who says it doesn't?
Though each week they say
The stakes are minus another thousand

Why then searching for a buyer?
The peace though saves no business
So then should you just ask them
Your name shall now be a scambag, a liar

So why say I hurt your feelings?
I'm just a local fool, struggling with his billings
That is how I was taught
They used to tell me - shut it, never say a word

Running through the streets I`d ask one for a fire
It`s me now finishing my cigarette
So here they come the rats
Eating bread from our hands.

Once again I ain't opening my mouth
Not to give them any doubts
That though the peace saves no budget
Might clean the sky off its darkest clouds

So here we are now sitting at the auction
Once again looking for a buyer
So there shall be no denial...
No one's calling him a liar.

For the one with a briefcase full of shiny papers
It is easy to set the staples
So you stranger mind your damn business
The peace though is yet to find a witness.

P.S. both the title and the topic are highly inspired by the album of a same name written by American metal band, Megadeth.

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