Title:  Living in a world... of mine.

Author:   Peace Sells
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Living in a world... of mine.

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If that is if you allow a broken man
To tell you of the world I have myself created for my being
Of the world where ain`t no dark nor is there light
Where the Black is even to the White

In a world where ain`t no truth nor is there a lie
Where ones short life always answers to the call of time
In a world where ones death is final
Where no man seeks for hopeless faith

In a world where ain`t no sons fortunate enough
To see the ones beyond us spread their pointless wrath
In a world where no good is good nor good is bad
Where no man wants a stranger dead

In a world where indeed above us flies an empty cloudless sky
Where the ground is strong as we stand by
In a world where ain`t no kings
Nor are there their mindless servants
To serve them hounds a long awaited feast

The world in which just one`s settled and legit
Where your heart is for your and only soul to beat….

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