Title:  My Secret

Author:   Just.A.Girl
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Secret

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I have a secret. Dark and deep
A skeleton that I intend to keep
Only the pages of my journal know
Only the scars of my tears show
It’s my secret. And I hold it tight
Despite the fact that it blocks my light
Sometimes I try to forget that it’s there
Somehow try to act like I don’t care
But it’s an important secret that I hold
Along with the heavy weight of its load
Most would be horrified if they knew,
Even had an idea of what I go through
So this secret, I have to keep to myself
Keep pushing it back further on the shelf
It haunts me, and it hurts so much
Wounds so deep, no light will touch
But it’s my secret, I can’t give it away
But what will happen to me if it stays?
I’ve given enough hints, so I would think
That someone would find the missing link
My secret, it’s there to be found
I just wish someone would look around.

1:11am 3-8-2012

Comments on "My Secret"
Posted by hugheson on August 03, 2012
you got great talent keep writing

Posted by RianPitan on March 14, 2012
Wow, what a great poem! I feel drawn in, in the most sympathetic way. Its meter flow and rhyme scheme are all so effective.

Posted by PJ on March 12, 2012
I always enjoy reading your work. This one is special because it sounds special to you. Thanks for sharing.