Title:  Your beauty glowing like a full moon

Author:   sabamughal
Category:   Love
Keywords:  Love

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Today is a full moon night.
I'm with you lying down on the sand beach shore
You're lying down next to me
I turned my face
And look at you
I want to appreciate your beauty
I was astonished
You seemed so beautiful!
I have been astonished to see your beauty
Your face was brighter more than the moon
Even today the beauty of the moon is eclipsed in front of your beauty
Each impressions was broke out light from your face
I have not seen such as your beauty in my life.
I'm crazy about you
Your eyes was closed
I was close to you
I kept my existence on your chest
And you feel me
And you open your eyes
You saw me
I smiled and I said to you
You're so beautiful
I while losing to your beauty
You smilingly looking at me
I kept hand over your eyes.
I kissed your pink lips
Seeing your attraction the Moon was shy

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