Title:  Echoes of me

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  music dawn awakening echoes

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playing the violin on a slippery mountain slope
where music touches the grey sky
guiding those who try to cope
and breathe without a sigh
a tender moment flaps its wings
and disappers in the reflection of eternal snow
echoes an innocence that sings
while playing in a garden of broken light
in the slipstream of the afterglow
jumping beyond a treacherous shadow
in the middle of fields of gold
where it smells like the awaking dawn
to shape a forest out of clay
flourishing in the middle of nowhere
quenched by an oasis of an other dying day
to make wandering creatures play
and wake up what may come
fragile while hiding away
while sweet words awake a silent shout
leave everything behind without blaming it
the beginning of a sleepy world bursting out
longing to give a little bit
of music played on a violin in an enchanting sphere
calling to come back home
and run around on unknown ground
to fall asleep in the arms of a mesmerizing sound
dreaming this is all there will ever be
echoes of me

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