Title:  soon

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  soon life colours light

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soon the colours of light reveal
life is all around
soon silence will seal
a heart beat’s sound
soon the light will shape the one
born out of a shadow covered in dust
soon future daybreaks will chase the sun
to prevent beauty to rust
and a soul will be there
as a companion to talk to
soon an unexpected moment will share
a reason out of the blue
waiting on the stairs of a starship
ready to sail an unquiet sky
on a psychedelic trip
with proud mother earth
accepting the fragile illusion ahead
soon the renaissance of an awakening birth
will be speaking of summer
where no winter is longer
soon frozen colours linger
on the melody of a symphony of light
reveal the colours of death
in the flourishing brain of a human's head
soon the epilogue of an everlasting motion
will be all over the rippled face of another lonely night
showing unspoken emotion
through colours life reveals
and the origin of love seals
while changes testify
decide doubts to rely
that soon ........................

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