Title:  a script for making love

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  love kisses beauty

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a script for making love the first night
when the crescent moon heats up the fire
shadows of our motions inspire
caresses explore each others naked sanctuary
while our faces express a chaos of love
and our bodies are covered with the beauty of never enough
the scent of your naked body
lingers on my dancing lips
your love runs through my veins
when I whisper your name
and touch your silent waving hips
I feel the heartbeat of a lovers reality
in the arms of my goddess of pure sensuality
your magic kisses enchant the passion inside me
and immortalize me making love to you
a last resort of passionate moments
passes before my blinded eyes
when we lie entangled in the green grass
and drink from the fountain of pleasure
what a gorgeous way to trespass
the unwritten rules of making love

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