Title:  6am

Author:   primedecadence
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  6am

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I sit and try to think of nothing
But your eyes pierce the blankness
and my heart races as visions of you dance through my head

How can i tell you how i feel
when i can't decide myself?
The guardian who has protected my heart so long is no longer at his post, and i'm afraid

All the people who come through my life
Each kept at a safe distance
Never to know who i really am, what i really think
But you slice through my defenses with an honest smile as your knife

So how do i keep the fight? Dare i take the risk?
With my heart exposed, quivering with fear?
Can i ever say these things to you or will i just let you slip away quietly
with only the ache of your absence to keep me company?

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