Title:  His life

Author:   kewlbanana
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At 16 he got 10 GCSE's
At 17 he broke one of his knees.
At 18 he got 4 a-levels
At 19 he got university offers, several
At 20 it was a round the world trip
At 21 it was rugby, and a bust up lip.
At 22 it was off to oxford for him
At 23 that was when he met Kim
At 24 he decided to take up the tuba
At 25 he decided to take a trip to Cuba
At 26 he graduated top of his year
At 27 for his dad he shed a tear
At 28 he and Kim moved to the village of north abot
At 29 he and Kim tied the knot
At 30 his wife gave birth to tabitha
At 35 he discovered the cure to cancer
At 40 the Nobel prize he was awarded
At 45 a flight to Israel he boarded
At 50 the Arab Israel conflict he ended
At 60 buckingham palace steps he accended
At 70 he decided to retire
At 80 he had nothing he desired
At 90 his first grandchild was born
At 100 the world, they did morn
But unfortunatly this was a life he never lived because
At 16 by the armed forces he was recruited
and At 17 near him a bomb was triggered

Comments on "His life"
Posted by KathyB on April 21, 2012
Your poem was very interesting. The last three lines were a big surprise to me! Although the poem has some rough spots, I found your plan was a good one, ... to lay out a life of wonderful contributions, then to tell us that his life was actually cut short by war. You used a powerful strategy to emphasize the tragedy of a life lost, and how one loss of life can truly have an impact on the world. Thank you for sharing this.

Posted by RianPitan on April 21, 2012
A very interesting poem, Kewlbanana. I found it both creative and quite poignant. My thoughts go out to all those who have lost someone so young through similar circumstances!