Title:  the witch

Author:   primedecadence
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  witch

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Beware the witch that comes calling
with spiders all around her falling
Bony fingers curses quickly scrawling
Eerie and Beguiling is the evil you must shun
Promises of treasures drip from her guileful tongue

Of the witches power you'll soon be learning
Her wicked gifts will keep you yearning
To her haunted cave you'll keep returning
The spell is cast your daunting trip's begun
For one step down that path and it's to late to run

She wants your soul for her collection
she tempts you from true love's protection
By her pernicious spells direction
your grip on all that's good has come undone
You fall into the web of lies the witch has spun

Each new visit brings less fruition
So you embark on an unachievable mission
Battle the witch without ammunition
But before you start the fight your fervor's gone
For she owns a magic that is much too strong

Your soul a husk you're doomed to wander
Begging a chance you swear you wont squander
But pestilential stains you cannot launder
Slowly you see the spoilage of your deeds
But continue to live by the same deadly creeds

Her malignance is no more concealed
Like a blindfold removed, contaminations revealed
But her charm remains strong and you repeatedly yeild
When the familiar ache cries from where wickedness feeds
You return to her path despite logical pleas

You feel deserted you just can't turn around
You are blind to true allies who might be found
Defeat now accepted with hardly a sound
But her bonds are enduring and peace she impedes
When she cuts through your life everything bleeds

Do you think you're immune to this Magician's allure?
Though you believe you're protected there is no one secure
The compelling temptation make the faithful unsure
So flee the dark temptress and her omnivorous needs
For gloom and destruction is where her path leads.

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