Title:  Because of us

Author:   The lost boy
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  desire, expectations, uncertainty

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I may be happy or sad
Empty or full of life
Surrounded or alone
poor or rich
lucky or not
But whatever I feel, think or expect,
whatever the colors of my days,
whatever is expressed or restrained,
said or hidden,
there will always be one thought on my mind,
one desire in my heart, one hope within my soul
It doesn't even need words, it doesn't need to be expressed nor to be shout from the rooftops
because constantly with me you are,
a sweet friend of mine
that warms me up during long cold nights
but that can't be achieved because of...
of selfishness
of beliefs,
of power and destruction,
This, which should be granted for free
because of Me, because of Us

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