Title:  moment of pride

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  moment pride dancing years

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look into my heart
a distance has formed around me
the secrets of laughter are torn apart
by saintly dressed dazzling unleashed shadows
it is just a matter of let it go
a one way ticket to the shining gallows
never amazed and surprised
tired of sitting on a cold stone
no more dancing on my own
while sweet fragrance still lingers
breathtaking after all these years
memories slip through my sticky fingers
holding back too many years
take me by the hand
inside where the fire warms
another sleepness night
invisible to my colourful charms
leaving nothing in return
but it is easier this way
when desires no longer burn
silence fills my aching heart
in a moist and smokey atmosphere
addicted to the aftertaste
of images of fading fear
without many years to waste
invited to come inside
and stay for just one night
no more doors to hide
ready to enjoy my moment of pride

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