Title:  Confinement

Author:   mlisovich
Category:   Anger
Keywords:  Confinement, anger, love, control

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Your arms wrapped around me like vines on a dark brown tree trunk coated with dirt kicked up from the children’s shoes. Your arms choking me as I tried to breathe for air but you swore this was the only way, you swore it was just to keep me warm. Your arms intervening all over my body when all I wanted was to escape. You said no, you said our love is precious, you said no, and you will stay. I let these vines confine me for far too long and I will not any longer. I tore myself down slowly and surely because I was trying to find a way out of your grip and eventually I cracked I was no longer standing, I fell to the forest floor, I no longer was living, I no longer was myself. That’s when your vines snapped and you moved on to the next tree leaving me with an empty shell and a stump with no clue how to grow back into the person I once was. Confinement.

Comments on "Confinement"
Posted by ~Anon~ on September 18, 2015
Ad I read this and realized what it was about it really surprised me. Very well done