Title:  when a deaf lady cries

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  deaf lady dreams silence

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when a deaf lady cries
ripples disturb a quiet sea
summer kisses a leafless tree
tired of being all alone in a room lit by chandelier
ready to take a leap into the deep silence
unafraid to be deceived, like eyes in the mist
a shadow of her perfect body reveals
the shape of a beautifull woman on an island
dressed in a fabric of heartful believe
looking away, she persists
to face the frozen sound on the other side
and to dance as a newborn bride
hand in hand with a muted melody
song by the gestures of her warm hands
motions of her reflection to the outside
make her undress behind a veil of silent sorrow
while sailing in a boat towards the hungry roaring rocks
to bring her closer to the heart of her bare existence
falling between the ticks and the tocks
the deaf lady’s tears are gripped in fright
but the liquid words of her eyes betray her desire
she harvests her bitter dreams in which she lays entwined
a moment to look up to the lightning in her blue sky
she longs to step into the undisturbed waters to bring her cool
while sweet carresses surrender her to rely
on the colourful brightness of her mirrored mind
and not to look for reason in the eyes of a dancing fool
she longs to taste the meaning of love
while her tears fall like withered leaves
hoping to find something in return
where even too little is enough
however there is no sound of warning
when she makes a final turn
after her tears run dry
and she burns her emotions remaining
she hears the beat of her heart
and accepts the turn of a friendly card

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