Title:  Spiral Staircase in Sepia

Author:   paulapuddephatt
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  staircase, stairs, sepia, insomnia, sleep, clock

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That spiral staircase -
which I visualise now in sepia tones:
Where does it lead?
Where did it start?
Spriralling, spiralling -
out of control -
the unanswered questions,
and unquestioned answers -
and the tick-tock
of 3am,
and a mind exploding,
dreams shattering,

Comments on "Spiral Staircase in Sepia"
Posted by KathyB on April 19, 2012
Fascinating poem, Paula. You have drawn a compelling image of a sleepless night. (Did I understand it right?) I'm intrigued with your choice of a 'spiral staircase out of control' to depict the feeling of such an endlessly long night. Genius! Hope to see more poetry from you. -- KathyB