Title:  my enchanting place

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Love
Keywords:  sweet circles pictures smiles

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round and round in circles I go
aimless you know
welcome to my home
believe it or not
my world is a shadow
but I am not alone
pictures of happy moments
living undisturbed in my dream
showing an endless stream
of sweet words that never ends
it eases my squeaky steps
and give me an unexpected opportunity to go ahead
avoiding many unforeseen traps
when it is time to take a bet
and turn it on again
while standing on a corner
waiting for someone to show
I saw many too many
smiles that did not make me feel better
and still, I am excited to follow
on a flying carpet of surprise
seduced by mirages of another fading woman’s face
with no way out alive
forever lost in my enchanting place

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