Title:  autumn coloured forest

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  breath crystal tress

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feel the breath of an autumn coloured forest
on a road of slippery rocks
a moment of sudden unrest
hiding behind an overhanging tree unlocks
now, don’t look back in fear
again and again
echoes of fading noises disappear
leaving a silent soul all alone in a forest
listen to a song of an angels voice
running through the trees
towards a place where the grass is greener
and the honey of the out of tune buzzing bees
tastes sweeter
disturbs the reflection of a growing shadow
enchanting the crystal dewdrops
and seek shelter in a memory of the afterglow
a moment when time stops
a premature sign of a new life
rises from the beauty of an autumn coloured forest
whispering to an awakening blue sky
be ready to fly from here
take a leap and dive
and no matter how deep the fall
face the challenges of an never expected call

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