Title:  My Soul

Author:   Eleanda
Category:   Love
Keywords:  soul, love

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I don’t know how to say these words
I feel them in my heart
Looking at you, dreaming of you,
Where to even start?

You tell me things and make me laugh
I smile and I cry
I’m feeling overwhelmed these days
Too much to even lie

The words that flow from fingertips
Are truer than you know
I’m not used to such honesty
I’m showing you my soul

And as I bare it all to you
I hope you keep in mind
I’m hoping you’ll to accept it all
I need you to stay kind

And if you can’t or if you won’t
Tell me to walk away
Tell me to stop this speaking up
Because I’m being brave

And if I do not have to be
I hope you let me know
If this is all impossible
I’ll have to let you go

And even if kills me then
For now I’ll keep you close
I offer up these words to you
I’m offering my soul

Comments on "My Soul"
Posted by KathyB on April 20, 2012
You've said it all. I know I've been in this place too, ... so vulnerable. I felt it in your poem. Good job.
You might want to alter the 4th stanza for a better flow. Just remove "to", so it reads: "I'm hoping you'll accept it all". Eleanda, you have written a sweet & sensitive love poem. You should be proud. --KathyB