Title:  Unforgiven

Author:   Sylar796
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  god, confessions, forgiveness, religion, sin

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Not yet a man, a soul unfinished,
the boy has nothing to offer but his sins.
Light dances on his face,
slipping through the cracks of the vertical coffin
as he sits, staring ahead at the Darkness,
waiting for the question above.
A sound like shadows as the light reels back,
and then it comes.

"Forgive me," says the boy to the Darkness
and it laughs back at him, cold.
The question repeats in his head
over and over and over and
he screams as the shadows wrap around him.
He has no answer and replies
this time with silence.
The Darkness laughs again.

He is the Child of Hell
and has no place even there.
He is the parasite and the devourer,
and yet he has no taste for any host.
This is what the Darkness tells him
and the child simply nods.
He would beg forgiveness but
he knows it is not for he to do so.

And so he stumbles out of the box
and onto the cold floor.
The wind whistles around him
and the voice of the Darkness follows him
He stands, and he runs,
from the cold and the Dark and the empty silence.
The archways and the white walls
push him away; he does not belong here.

Of forgiveness he is unworthy,
say the Darkness,
of love he is undeserving.
Of family he will never know,
and the love of the Darkness
he will never feel.
For he has never asked for it,
and never will.

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