Title:  mirror

Author:   starlight dancer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  mirror face echoe visitor

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look in the mirror
with no lights on
wave to the features of a wondering visitor
hoping to hold on
each day
while walking on thin ice
all the way
a perfect way to disguise
the murky depths of a strange life
waiting never alone
on the edge of a limelight
to build a dream stone by stone
hidden in the dead of night
being part of a simple plan
a reflection of a wise man
shattered by the cracks of a broken mirror
faces the darkness behind a flickering candlelight
a picture of a pale face
scattered by a hazy distance
dazed and confused to outpace
the touch of an echoe of the presence
of a world of empty lines
and conflicting signs
to play with the fear of the lonely visitor
feeling at home in the reflection of a mirror

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