Title:  Sweet compatriot

Author:   StoryTeller
Category:   Life
Keywords:  life, refugee, hope, questions

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I don’t belong here, nor over there,
I’m a butterfly without wings,
I’m the caged bird without a cage,
The nightingale that never sings.

I am the wolf that cries all night,
The despair within my voice,
The lost lamb without a home,
A refugee without a choice.

I am the horse that runs all day,
The bull that is bullied by spears,
My identity lost in the wind,
Along with my everlasting tears.

Tell me this, sweet compatriot,
Whatever will it be?
Am I one of you, or one of them?
Or am I a stingless bee?

I long for a place to call my home,
A place to grow my wings,
A place where I can leave this cage,
And be the nightingale that sings.

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