Title:  Streets

Author:   mrmojorisin
Category:   Life
Keywords:  streets

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Those streets have jagged teeth
there sharp and lookin to eat
youve gotta be sharper or your beat

Ive been around seen it go down
down down down youll go
find your own personal unforgivin rabbit hole

You can take the midnight express to misery
stay as long as you like
cus they aint lookin for you to leave

Not just yet
Your on the glorious pathway to self destruction
not gona stop till your resurrection

Comments on "Streets"
Posted by fostercare on April 23, 2012
I really found myself drawn in, following the path to see where it would lead. Then I got woken up in the end.

Posted by KathyB on April 22, 2012
This is heavy stuff. Thanks for putting in words for us. Good job!