Title:  Forever Young

Author:   Verbal Junkie
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Spiritual

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We are young, counting down the days until our birth
Till we see the light of day and
Hear the cries of the birds
I’d hold your hand but I’m falling
I’m trying so hard not to cry
But the tears are my enemy
We are young
I know of the troubles the world has given you
It breaks my heart to see you this way
Save me, while I try to save you
Hold on to your youth while you can
Mama we all get wrinkles when we get older
And the forms
That we once had
We won’t have anymore
I’ll save you
Before death knocks on the door
I’ll tell him you’re not home
So that you can stay a little longer
Save me, while I save you
But death is inevitable I’m afraid
Because no one’s Forever Young
We all lose our beauty
No one lives forever.

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