Title:  Weapon of Mass Destruction

Author:   Verbal Junkie
Category:   Life
Keywords:  True

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You pull the trigger
Firing every which way
Causing pain and suffering
How could you be so violent?
It isn’t your fault …
Letting the pool of red spill out of the innocent
The paper unraveling all around
Splattered with ink
Light the match
Burn the evidence
It’s only a few scrolls
With words folded over
Look in the mirror
Realize your mistake
How could you have been so stupid?
The tears
Roll out of your eyes like rain drops in the rainy season
Flooding the room, the papers wetting
Take it back you say,
But it’s not that easy…
For everyone knows
That words are the most dangerous weapon
That man ever created

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Posted by Sarahlives on June 03, 2016
I like this