Title:  Running with buckets

Author:   Sarahlives
Category:   Children
Keywords:  childhood; girls; south

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We saw the bucket approaching,
faded red plastic sloshing drops of gumbo water,
bony legs dirtied,
caked with youth.

We saw the sweat glistening,
on the back of a ratted t-shirt,
thrown on in haste,
to beat the morning's first hot finger pinches.

In one pocket lunch baggies,
filled with chopped gourmet hotdogs,
and processed turkey - slimy with age.

"What in the hell," we said,
but our guts burned with envy --
an ache set too deep even to touch our grown up mouths.

"Look at that crazy bird chirping over twelve
crawfish," words spilling out like bullfrog croaks.

We picture ourselves running,
with gumbo water filled red plastic buckets...

but we already know how brittle our fingertip imaginations have become..."aaayyy", we say, "that one needs a bath".

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